Locksmith Dollis Hill

Dollis Hill is a safe and quiet neighbourhood for the most part, and our locksmiths in Dollis Hill aim to keep it that way. We are local locksmiths who help with lock repairs, accidental lockouts and other household security needs.

Home Security

Home security starts with door locks and window locks but can include security plates and bars to reinforce doors, as well as burglar alarms and outdoor lighting. Our experienced locksmiths carry a full line of security products and lock parts to be able to offer any service you require.

If you would like to repair your current lock, change locks, install a security system or upgrade an existing system, now is the time to call our staff on 020 7078 4386 to schedule an appointment. We can provide you with a free estimate if you are still searching for the perfect Neasden Locksmiths.

Lock Change and Lock Rekey

If you've a new home in Dollis Hill, first of all let us congratulate you! Dollis Hill is a lovely area for families of all sizes. We have just one question for you - how many people may have retained keys to your new home?

The truth is, if you keep the locks that are on the doors just as they are, you can't know. Our Dollis Hill locksmith team is happy to come to your new home anytime you like to re-key the locks (we modify the existing cylinder to only open to a new key, which we also give to you) or to change the lock. Either way, you'll make sure you're the only ones with keys to your entry door.

Expert Locksmith Tips

At Locksmiths Dollis Hill, our most important service is our customer service. It has to do with the added value that we can give our friends and neighbours in NW10. So here are a few tips from our team.

  • Remember to always lock up when you leave your home. It may seem silly, but we have found this is especially an issue with uPVC multi-point locks - that some of our customers may lift the handle to engage the latches but neglect to turn the key to lock them in place.
  • Review your security regularly to make sure it is still meeting your needs. If a lock, especially on an entry door is sticking, it should be repaired so that it operates correctly every time.
  • If you are going on holiday, put some lights on a timer and make sure that your post is collected for you or held. Properties that appear to be empty are prime targets for criminals.

Even in quiet neighbourhoods like Dollis Hill, it is important to be smart about security. If you are not sure how to proceed, give us a call and our security expert will be happy to make some recommendations to you.

Distraction Burglaries on the rise locally

Recently we have seen a disturbing trend in the area and would like to alert you to the danger of trusting strangers who ring the bell requesting entry to your home.

These burglaries have occurred when there is someone at home! Known as distraction burglars, they pose as gas or water engineers in groups of 2 or more, and one person will keep the resident talking while the others remove valuables.

How you can prevent this brazen burglary - do not open your door to workmen - keep the chain on. Ask to view their ID cards, and feel free to telephone the companies if you are still unsure if the request for entry is legitimate. If you haven't got a chain, talk through a window nearby or call 020 7078 4386 and we will be happy to install one for you.